Staying home for over a full year has been an eye opener to the most of us. It has made us appreciate our family even more and made us curious of our heritage.

Who are we really?

“The Year of Comfortable Clothing” is coming to an end. It’s been tough, weird and wonderful.
It has taken its toll and at the same time enabled us to a much-needed shift of focus.

Explore with an open mind - rummage through the long-lost boxes.
It can result in more than just re-discovering your wardrobe favorites.
Reflect on yourself.

Why are you here? Who has mattered the most during the last year?

Take this wonderful opportunity to touch base with your soul.
Can you be a truer version of yourself? What do you want to be for others?

We need to use all the good we have learned and take it with us going forward.
Use it to find a new middle ground in life as we approach our “old new normal”.

It’s time for the transition towards lighter and warmer days.
Let’s stow away all the heavy stuff and unpack the boxes with lighter content,
as we prepare for “The Great Wardrobe Switch”.

But don’t just elevate your wardrobe – elevate your priorities while you’re at it.
Combine personal authenticity with dazzling outfits. Open those closed boxes you find “upstairs”.
We call our Pre-Spring ‘22 collection The Loft

Sara Sode
Creative Director